The Lane villa is situated right in the heart of Seminyak, so there are literally dozens of restaurants, spanning pretty much every cuisine you can think of, within a few minutes of the villa.

Since the early 1970’s Bali has attracted people from all over the globe and this variety has resulted in a range of eateries of unbeleivable quality and choice, not to mention the amazing value. It’s hard to imagine, even in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth , an area of just a couple of square kilometers with so many amazing options and The Lane Villa is right in the middle of all of them!

Each year the bar is raised in terms of quality, presentation and ambience so we thought it would be helpful to point our guests in the direction of some of our favourites. From the realiable Seminyak institutions like Made’s Warung and La Luciola through each cuisine and up to the trend setters and bar raisers like Merah Putih and Metis, Sarong and Mama San.

When you check in to The Lane villa, a part of your welcome will include hot tips on where to eat. Just in the last few months 4 or 5 quite brilliant new eateries have opened their doors, so whatever your budget or preference we’ll be happy to take the time to make sure you’re getting the best out of your evenings out and of course we’ll be happy to reserve your table for you.